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Announcing the launch of an outstanding
Green IT online certification course for the Sustainability Professional – Information and Communication Technology. See more >

Eco-Efficiency and Eco-Innovation for IT

GreenIT® is the leading advisor in sustainable Information and Communications Technology.

GreenIT® provides services to enable clients to drive measurable financial and environmental benefits from programs for IT Eco-Efficiency and IT Eco-Innovation.

GreenIT® is a progressive consultancy that serves clients in three primary markets:

Managing the environmental impacts and benefits of IT is a strategic imperative for every organization in the 21st Century. We can do better.

The most advanced and comprehensive online certification course in the world on sustainable Information and Communications Technology, Green IT - Information and Communications Technology for a Sustainable Future, is now available.

Unlike other Green IT courses and certifications, earning the designation of Sustainability Professional – Information and Communication Technology (SP-ICT) through this course means that students have been trained on the latest developments in ICT Eco-Innovation ----- using ICT to drive sustainable solutions throughout an enterprise.  

The SP-ICT certification also requires deep understanding of enterprise sustainability concepts as well as mastery of the details of ICT Eco-Efficiency strategy and practice.

The course and certification gives professionals in many fields a unique competitive advantage for career success in an era dominated by two powerful trends --- sustainability and technology.

The course also prepares students to clearly and convincingly demonstrate that Green IT is a significant bottom-line financial benefit to every organization.