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GreenIT and its global partner Gatlin International now offers the most advanced and comprehensive online training course on sustainable ICT that is available in the world, Green IT - Information and Communications Technology for a Sustainable Future

The course covers all the essential elements of technology and the latest domain knowledge from Desktop to Data Center.  In nine interactive modules students use text, video, and hands-on analytical exercises to master the fundamentals of sustainability for the ICT industry and specific techniques for applying that knowledge. The course includes in-depth work with the latest developments in “Green IT 2.0”, the use of ICT to enable sustainable solutions across the enterprise. The capstone project is the creation of a practical plan for an enterprise Green IT intiative.  
The course is certified by the World Education Council to meet the highest standard of online education. Instructors for the course have actual field experience in designing, leading and implementing Green IT projects. 

Students that successfully master the course content and pass the final examination earn a certification as Sustainability Professional – Information and Communications Technology (SP-ICT).

Green IT - Information and Communications Technology for a Sustainable Future is designed to be beneficial to a broad audience, not just IT leaders and managers.  The Green IT course content is essential knowledge for career success as Chief Sustainability Officer, Facility Manager. Architect and Building Design Engineer, Procurement and Purchasing Manager, and Corporate Social Responsibility leader. There is also increasing demand for professionals in Sales, Business Development, and Consulting who are knowledgeable about sustainability for ICT.

The course requires approximately 100 hours to complete and costs $1,800 US, including materials, instructor support, exams, and certification.

Mastering the course content and receiving the SP-ICT certification gives professionals in many fields a unique competitive advantage for success in the technology-driven 21st Century world.