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Presentation School saves building and operating costs with Green IT

The original architectural project manual for this new K-8 school included a traditional technology design, with:

GreenIT created a new design following the ER3 principle: Eliminate, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The Information Technology systems at the school cost less, perform better, are more flexible, and have a smaller eco-footprint. Specific benefits include:

Sustainable IT Solutions

GreenIT can help your Sustainable IT Program succeed

Whether your organization is just beginning to formulate Sustainability goals or is well along the path to achieving its sustainability objectives, GreenIT has a service offering to complement your native expertise. We provide design, business and organizational consulting services to a wide range of industries in addition to customized education and special projects services.

Smooth Transitions for Organizations in
disruptive markets

Achieving goals for sustainability and financial performance require that everyone involved in an enterprise - Leaders, Employees, Customers, and Suppliers - understand the environmental effects of what they do and how their organization has committed to change. Until recently, little attention has been given to sustainability for IT.  As awareness grows and real changes are required, education becomes critical for success.

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