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Sustainable IT Seminars

Two meta trends will drive economic and social development in the 21st Century:

Successful organizations will develop strategies to survive in a changing world. Strategies to reduce the eco-footprint of the growing volumes of ICT gear they consume. Strategies to harness the power of ICT to enable innovation throughout their enterprise.

To create sustainability strategies, people need a common vocabulary. To execute them requires changes in behavior and attitude. Education, from the boardroom to the shop floor, is the catalyst for change.

GreenIT offers the following standard seminars. Custom training is available on request.

Each GreenIT seminar targets a specific aspect of sustainability. All seminars cover basic elements:


Green IT 21

Efficiency and Innovation for Sustainable Information Technology in the 21st century

Aimed at Sustainability Program leaders and participants, this seminar equips the participants with a basic understanding of sustainability issues, assessment methods, planning techniques and measurement methods for creating a viable sustainable IT plan.

Green Grows the Market

Selling sustainable solutions to new and existing markets

Targeted at Vendors, VARs, and Technology companies, this seminar focuses on successfully marketing to customers with Environmentally Preferred Purchasing policies. Participants learn about EPP requirements, how they relate to features of existing products and systems and how to drive green requirements into product development.]

Buy Green, Be Green

Driving Eco-Responsibility down the Supply Chain

For Purchasing, Production and Distribution professionals, this seminar explores Environmentally Preferred Purchasing practices. Using the SCOR model, each factor of supply chain performance is evaluated and examples given for potential green practice and policy.

GreenIT Building Blocks

Building capability for Greener, Cheaper IT Operations

Aimed at Enterprise IT professionals, Building Blocks details the basic elements of Sustainable IT planning. Topics include EPP, Trends in Green ICT, What does IT include, creating an accurate inventory, measurement methods, achieving efficiencies, IT innovation and more.