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Successful Sustainability Plans start with a Baseline

Why develop a baseline? Most sustainability objectives are expressed in terms of improvement – which cannot be measured without a starting point. And as programs for emissions trading markets (“cap and trade” and “white certificates” ) spread among states, the ability to document successful sustainability gains increasingly has monetary value.

Baselining current energy consumption and waste production provides the data necessary to set goals for a sustainability plan, measure progress, and change priorities to respond to changing business conditions.


GreenIT Snapshot

Start Your IT Sustainability Planning

roadmapGetting started on a Green IT Sustainability plan can be one of the toughest challenges faced by an enterprise.

Most companies have seen their IT infrastructure grow incrementally, often in disruptive step fashion due to mergers, acquisitions and moves.

As a result, IT systems and equipment may be spread over many organizations and locations. Asset lists may follow different naming conventions. There is often no agreement over what constitutes IT.

Organizational barriers may compound the problem, if the objectives for sustainability are not shared equally by the stakeholders.

The GreenIT SnapShot uses automated tools to discover all networked equipment and produce a high level summary of energy and waste patterns. Using a comprehensive inventory as a starting point, parties from various organizations can begin the challenging process of defining priorities and objectives for short term action and long term sustainability planning.