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The Real Green Building is the one that isn’t Built

In 2007, Sun Microsystems replaced legacy hardware with new equipment that drove an 88 % square footage compression and drove utility costs down by 61 percent. It was able to avoid the construction of an entire datacenter, resulting in a savings of over $9 million dollars in construction costs. The company received close to a million dollars in rebates and awards from its utility company because of the use of energy-efficient equipment

At 365 Main's new 136,000-square-foot data center being built in Newark, the facility will feature "intelligent" computer room air handlers, or CRAHs, that consumer 30% less energy than conventional air-conditioning; there is additional energy savings from the use of energy-efficient lighting and the use of make-up air handler units that can use outside air on days when temperatures are cool enough.

Sustainable IT Solutions

Solutions For Special Projects

New construction, Building remodel and Space consolidation

Major building projects represent a “Green Field” opportunity to put into practice the latest techniques for environmentally responsible IT. LEED certification is everyone’s goal, but LEED requirements alone do not realize the benefits of Sustainable ICT. Merely following LEED standards will not gain the construction and operational savings provided by a ground-up Sustainable IT design. By employing GreenIT consulting services, the organization can augment existing resources with specialized expertise in designing infrastructure to realize the greatest sustainability benefits. IT Infrastructure System Design, Integrated Facilities Design and Eco-Innovation Planning and Project Management services can guide your enterprise through the entire process, from specification to realization.

Workplace Innovation

A basic Sustainability Program includes practices for waste avoidance and collection, energy reduction, and resource conservation. But only through innovation in business practices can dramatic savings in overall space and cost be realized. To achieve meaningful results, innovative IT tools and policies must be put in place to maintain productivity and profitability while the organization shifts to virtual workplace, telework, and virtualization. The GreenIT 360/365 service package will guide your organization from assessment to implementation.

Waste Reduction and Energy Reduction

Waste Reduction and Energy Reduction programs benefit any enterprise by demonstrating environmentally responsible behavior. Usually, the benefits show up on the bottom line, too. Once the “low hanging fruit” is found, how does an organization continue to improve its sustainability profile? GreenIT advocates baselining current performance before starting any improvement effort so that results can be objectively measured and realistic targets can be set. GreenIT Snapshot gives the enterprise a reading on current waste and energy trends. The GreenIT Roadmap can point the organization in the direction that will produce the most savings in the least amount of time. The comprehensive GreenIT 360/365 service package provides expertise to guide an organization from assessment through implementation.

Sustainability Compliance

The last year has seen a dramatic increase in customers adding Green requirements to RFPs and purchasing contracts. Concerns over energy costs and more stringent waste disposal requirements provide additional motivation to implement aggressive sustainability policies. Environmentally Preferred Purchasing practices are becoming the norm in the Fortune 1000, government agencies, and education. In order to successfully compete, vendors must understand Green requirements and how they match features of existing products. GreenIT offers a range of standard seminars - Green IT 21, Push the Green Wave, and Buy Green, Be Green as well as customized training to help train organizations to successfully navigate the green marketplace and EPP.