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IT Sustainability Assessment, Planning and Improvement Products

IT Sustainability … from Desktop to Datacenter.

At GreenIT, we recognize that getting started is sometimes the biggest obstacle to “going green”. Struggling to meet existing obligations, most organizations find it difficult to fully respond to new sustainability objectives. Staffing and sustainability expertise are scarce.

Creating a plan that focuses on initiatives most likely to demonstrate positive results requires knowledge of industry benchmarks, IT infrastructure and current regulatory trends. And successful sustainability planning is not a one-shot effort.

An effective sustainability plan starts with a baseline of the current eco-footprint and practices, launches programs to achieve immediate improvements, and incubates a culture which habitually addresses sustainability in policies and processes.

GreenIT offers service products to meet all your IT Sustainability needs.

GreenIT Snapshot

Baselining current performance is essential for measuring results of a sustainability program. The GreenIT Snapshot is the first step in the GreenIT Sustainabilty planning process. The GreenIT Snapshot first creates a detailed inventory of network equipment, baseline energy consumption and waste parameters and then identifies categories of opportunities for sustainability improvements.

GreenIT Roadmap

The GreenIT Roadmap is a sustainability opportunity report developed during a 2 to 3 week engagement with IT stakeholders. Building on the GreenIT Snapshot, the GreenIT Roadmap identifies the best opportunities for improvement and ranks them for potential benefit, difficulty, cost, and time. The executive summary facilitates strategy and budget discussions, while the detailed report is the basis for starting short term sustainability actions and building longer term plans.

GreenIT 360/365

The GreenIT 360/365 engagement is a customized system for optimizing IT sustainability for an organization. Starting with the GreenIT Snapshot and GreenIT Roadmap, GreenIT sets benchmarks for energy consumption, material use, and waste. Software and equipment utilization are also evaluated.

Working with participants across the enterprise, GreenIT identifies high-value opportunities. The GreenIT 360/365 program delivers a detailed assessment, a concrete week-by-week action plan and project management services to carry your organization through the first year of your sustainability program.

GreenIT Index

gold seal

The GreenIT Index is a certification program offered in conjunction with the GreenIT Roadmap, GreenIT Bootstrap and GreenIT 360/365 programs.