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Teleworking – the path to Green Buildings

Flexible working, or teleworking, can significantly reduce the demand for office space and employee commute travel, saving money and reducing environmental impacts. Inefficient open floor plans with “cubes” based on 1960’s designs are outmoded in a mobile, ICT-intensive workplace. Reducing the amount of building space required per employee has the potential to be the biggest source of “green buildings”.
Though it is generally agreed that telework is effective, knowledge about the actual net effects of ICT in reducing automobile use is still evolving.

A 2004 review of U.S. empirical studies concluded that “most studies of VMT [Vehicle Miles Traveled] and trip reductions from telecommuting show that telecommuters significantly reduce miles travelled. Findings … show that the average number of vehicle miles is 53% to 77% lower, leading to significant reductions in Greenhouse gases.”

It is already true that for “tech-forward” workers, anyplace becomes a workplace … homes, cars, coffee houses, and airports. Though people still have a need to convene and congregate, ICT has fundamentally changed the nature of those needs. As one commentator has put it, future employees will be told “home is where you work, work is where you socialize”.


In the News

Buck Institute Receives Leed® Innovation In Design
Credit For Information Technology Infrastructure 

Novato, CA, November 11, 2008 -- The Buck Institute for Age Research has received LEED® for Commercial Interiors Silver certification for a build out of new laboratory space, including an Innovation in Design Credit for Information Technology Infrastructure. The Design Credit is believed to be among the first of its kind in the nation. The certification, for a commercial interior, comes from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). LEED® is the USGBC’s leading rating system for designing and constructing the world’s greenest, most energy efficient, and high performing buildings.

GreenIT® provided consultancy services on the build out. “We were honored to have the opportunity to assist the Buck Institute in meeting its goal of LEED® certification – including the Innovation Credit for IT infrastructure,” said Richard Hodges, CEO of GreenIT. “We know that any truly ‘green’ building project must include IT sustainability; we are committed to creating practical solutions that organizations can implement to achieve measurable results.”

More at the Buck Institute website



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  • Green IT Master Class, Singapore, December 2008
  • CIO Solutions Gallery, Columbus, OH, October 2008
  • Cybera Conference, Banff, Canada, September 2008
  • Green Action Summit, Los Angeles CA, September 2007


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